Ponchos de América. De los Andes a las pampas

In this magnificent publication, Ruth Corcuera traces the origin and history of the poncho, its use and meanings, and the development of its handicraft production to this day. The author focuses not only on the materials, elements of style and design of the poncho, but also in the looms and weaving techniques. This book–fully illustrated with beautiful images– leads the reader to a journey impregnated with colorful details and historical references that tell the story of this garment. Ruth Corcuera is a pioneer in the study of American textiles and one of the world’s leading specialists in this area. She is the author, among other publications, of Andean Textile Heritage, also published by Fundación CEPPA.

Fundación CEPPA 
Ruth Corcuera
268 p 
30 x 24 cm